8/10/2016 Radio Show: Jim Martin, Chairman, 60 Plus Association; Joe Kaufman, Republican Candidate for 23rd District, Fl.

Host and Co-Host: Cynthia Dillon and Velma Ann Ruth @DillonCynthia  @registeredindie     On wsradio.com: http://wsradio.com/081316-senior-vote-60-plus-assn-congressional-campaign-23d-district-florida/ Segment 1 The Senior Vote. 60 Plus Association vs. AARP. James L. Martin. Chairman, […]

8/3/2016 Radio Show: Burgess Owens, (former NFL star), author, businessman; Manfred Schweitzer, former US Diplomat on NAFTA

Host & Co-Host: Cynthia Dillon & Velma Ann Ruth @DillonCynthia  @ registeredindie   On wsradio.com: http://wsradio.com/08032016-radio-show-burgess-owens-former-nfl-star-author-businessman-manfred-schweitzer-former-us-diplomat-nafta/   Segment 1   Book Review. Liberalism: On How To Turn Good Men Into […]

7/27/2016 Radio Show: Gregory T. Angelo, President Log Cabin Republicans; Michael Barnett, Chairman, Republican Party of Palm Beach County, Fl.

Host & Co- Host: Cynthia Dillon & Velma Ann Ruth On wsradio.com: http://wsradio.com/07272016-gregory-t-angelo-president-log-cabin-republicans-michael-barnett-chairman-republican-party-palm-beach-county-fl/ @DillonCynthia & @registeredindie Segment 1 Log Cabin Republicans. “Beginnings…” Gregory T. Angelo, President (Log Cabin Republicans) Mr. Angelo, […]

3/30/2016 Radio Show 1 – Ken Feltman, Past President-International Association of Political Consultants

On wsradio.com: http://wsradio.com/033016-political-campaigns-consultants-election-2016/ Segment 1 Campaigns & Consultants.   Ken Feltman, Chairman, Radnor , Inc. Ken Feltman is past President of IAPC, International Association of Political Consultants. He is Chairman of […]

3/30/2016 Show 2- International Republican Institute- Ramsey Day, Country Director, Jordan & Valerie Dowling, Director, Women’s Democracy Network

On Wsradio.com: http://wsradio.com/033016-international-republican-institute-ramsey-day-country-director-jordan-valerie-dowling-director-womens-democracy-network/ Segment 1 Women in Leadership.  Jordan.  Ramsey Day,  Country Director-Jordan, IRI Ramsey Day has served as the Country Director for the International Republican Institute (IRI) in Amman, Jordan […]

3/23/2016 Radio Show: Javier A. López,Cuban American Bar Association & Dr. Ekaterina Egorova

On wsradio.com: http://wsradio.com/032316-javier-a-lopezcuban-american-bar-association-dr-ekaterina-egorova/ Segment 1 President Obama in Cuba.  Cuban American Bar Association (CABA).  Javier A. López President  (Bio) Javier A. López , President-Elect of CABA comments on President Obama’s historic trip to Cuba. […]