5/20/2015 Radio Show: “Drinking with the Saints” with Dr. Michael P. Foley; “Saving Mes Aynak” with Brent Huffman

On WSradio: http://wsradio.com/052015-drinking-with-the-saints-the-sinners-guide-to-a-holy-happy-hour-saving-mes-aynak-archeology-in-afghanistan/ Segment 1 Religion. “Drinking with the Saints. The Sinners Guide to a Holy Happy Hour…” Dr. Michael P. Foley Dr. Foley, with a  doctorate in systematic theology, […]

4/29/2015 Radio Show: 40th Anniversary of the Ending of the Vietnam War; International Trade – The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Cuba

Segment  Vietnam War. Veterans as Condemned Property? “Dusty” Earl Trimmer “Dusty” Earl Trimmer, a marketing professional for over 40 years, served in the 25th Infantry Division during the Vietnam War’s […]

4/15/2015 Radio Show – The Kurds…In The War To Defend Humanity

http://wsradio.com/041515-the-kurds-in-the-war-to-defend-humanity/ Segment 1 The Kurds…in the war to defend humanity…Brigadier General Ernest Audino (Ret-USArmy) Brigadier General Ernest Audino serves as Senior Advisor and Director of Government Relations to the Kurdistan […]

4/1/2015 Radio Show – The Refugee Crisis in Northern Iraq

http://wsradio.com/040115-the-refugee-crisis-in-northern-iraq-the-kurdish-region/ Segment 1: Refugee Crisis in Northern Iraq (the Kurdish Region). Velma Anne Ruth, President ABC Community Research Velma Anne Ruth is President and Founder of the non-profit organization ABS […]

2/18/2015 Radio Show – Canada-America Relations, Keystone Pipeline, International Trade

http://wsradio.com/021820-canada-america-relations-keystone-pipeline-international-trade/ February 18, 2015 Canada-America Relations, Keystone Pipeline, International Trade Segment 1 Norman Leach, is President of the management consulting firm Norman Leach & Associates, based in Calgary, Alberta with […]

2/11/2015 Radio Show – Albania-Afghanistan History, Rule of law, Republicans in Minority Communities

http://wsradio.com/021115-albania-afghanistan-history-rule-of-law-republicans-minority-communities/ February 11, 2015 Michael L. Galaty is  Professor of Anthropology and Head of the Department of Anthropology and Middle Eastern Cultures at Mississippi State University. His recently published  book is  titled Light […]