3/30/2016 Show 2- International Republican Institute- Ramsey Day, Country Director, Jordan & Valerie Dowling, Director, Women’s Democracy Network

On Wsradio.com: http://wsradio.com/033016-international-republican-institute-ramsey-day-country-director-jordan-valerie-dowling-director-womens-democracy-network/ Segment 1 Women in Leadership.  Jordan.  Ramsey Day,  Country Director-Jordan, IRI Ramsey Day has served as the Country Director for the International Republican Institute (IRI) in Amman, Jordan […]

3/2/2016 Radio Show: Former Congressman Pete Hoekstra

On wsradio.com:    http://wsradio.com/030216-former-congressman-pete-hoekstra-on-terrorism-foreign-policy-elections/   Segment 1 Politics. Primary Results (Super Tuesday, 3/1/16). Former Congressman Pete Hoekstra Congressman Hoekstra, a former Fortune 500 business executive served in Congress for eighteen […]

10/07/2015 Radio Show – Policies & Politics – Abraham Katsman (Israel); Norman Leach, (Canada)

On wsRadio: http://wsradio.com/100715-the-view-from-abroad/ Segment 1 The View from Abroad. Israel and the US. Abe Katsman Abe Katsman (www.abekatsman.com) is an American attorney, consultant and political writer living in Jerusalem. Mr. Katsman […]

9/16/2015 Radio Show: The Iran Deal: Aaron Braunstein, American-Israeli; Sharif Behruz, Iranian Kurd Abroad

On Wsradio.com: http://wsradio.com/091615-the-iran-deal/ Segment 1 The Iran Deal.  Dealing with the “Evil Empire.”  Aaron Braunstein Aaron Braunstein is a retired US Foreign Service officer living in Jerusalem.  “American born, he is […]

4/15/2015 Radio Show – The Kurds…In The War To Defend Humanity

http://wsradio.com/041515-the-kurds-in-the-war-to-defend-humanity/ Segment 1 The Kurds…in the war to defend humanity…Brigadier General Ernest Audino (Ret-USArmy) Brigadier General Ernest Audino serves as Senior Advisor and Director of Government Relations to the Kurdistan […]

4/1/2015 Radio Show – The Refugee Crisis in Northern Iraq

http://wsradio.com/040115-the-refugee-crisis-in-northern-iraq-the-kurdish-region/ Segment 1: Refugee Crisis in Northern Iraq (the Kurdish Region). Velma Anne Ruth, President ABC Community Research Velma Anne Ruth is President and Founder of the non-profit organization ABS […]

2/18/2015 Radio Show – Canada-America Relations, Keystone Pipeline, International Trade

http://wsradio.com/021820-canada-america-relations-keystone-pipeline-international-trade/ February 18, 2015 Canada-America Relations, Keystone Pipeline, International Trade Segment 1 Norman Leach, is President of the management consulting firm Norman Leach & Associates, based in Calgary, Alberta with […]