3/23/2016 Radio Show: Javier A. López,Cuban American Bar Association & Dr. Ekaterina Egorova

On wsradio.com: http://wsradio.com/032316-javier-a-lopezcuban-american-bar-association-dr-ekaterina-egorova/ Segment 1 President Obama in Cuba.  Cuban American Bar Association (CABA).  Javier A. López President  (Bio) Javier A. López , President-Elect of CABA comments on President Obama’s historic trip to Cuba. […]

4/29/2015 Radio Show: 40th Anniversary of the Ending of the Vietnam War; International Trade – The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Cuba

Segment  Vietnam War. Veterans as Condemned Property? “Dusty” Earl Trimmer “Dusty” Earl Trimmer, a marketing professional for over 40 years, served in the 25th Infantry Division during the Vietnam War’s […]